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Important Information for HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19

Practices for ensuring your customers and employees stay healthy and safe Technicians are in several homes every day. Each home is another opportunity to be exposed to coronavirus, the regular flu, a cold, or whatever happens to be the malady of the household. Since COVID–19 is super contagious, we need to think about what a…

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Adjusting HVAC systems to address COVID-19

The question came from a school client: “What should we be doing with our HVAC systems to be proactive regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus?” We shared our answer as quickly as possible. And in the hope that it will help other school and university clients, we are publishing that answer on our website. On February 27,…

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Why Plumbing Engineers are Crucial in Construction Management

construction management

A building’s plumbing system is more than just drainage and water supply. It’s a critical factor in the cost, efficiency, and quality of a construction project, not to mention the residents’ safety and quality of life. With so much riding on this component, building projects cannot afford to neglect having a plumbing engineer on their…

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Why MEP Engineers are Central to Every Building Project


Green Project Solutions Thought Leadership You might be familiar with the general definition of engineer—technical professionals, also known as endearing nerds, who develop solutions to solve problems in nearly every facet of our lives. Like specialists in any other industry, the MEP Engineer has a special skill-set focus on Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering.…

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