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About Us.

Small business with local, regional and national expertise delivering innovative green project solutions
We are a certified MBE/DBE company.


We help turn your imagination into creative value-added solutions

MEP Engineering

Construction Management

Strategic Value-Added Services

Who Are We?

Green Project Solutions Group is a multidisciplinary engineering, construction management and professional service firm located in the Pacific Northwest. We measure our success by tracking the success of our clients, and we commit ourselves to providing excellent workmanship while exceeding customer satisfaction.

Having worked with many private businesses and public agencies in the States of Washington, Oregon, California and around the nation and internationally, we know that every project is truly unique. We work closely with our customers to ensure that every project outcome is of superior quality, on schedule, cost-effective, and sustainable. After learning every detail about your project, we will plan then design a custom solutions package that will help you achieve, and even surpass your objectives.

Our Commitments To Success

  • We listen before we plan with our client’s goal in mind from conception to design and build.
  • We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety, reliability and operational performance in every design and build project we deliver
  • Our in-house engineers and professionals work closely with our customer and project stakeholders to ensure that every project outcome is of superior quality – the commitment which gets us repeat businesses.
  • We hold a great responsibility for the impact of our works on environment, sustainability, equity and inclusiveness and economic wellbeing of the community that we serve.
  • With our lean business operations and highly qualified experts, we’ll deliver your project on schedule, meeting quality standards and saving our client professional fee. Try us, we’re simply affordable because we’ll proactively anticipate risk and cut off unnecessary scope of work.


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